The better cable and satellite alternative

An important lifestyle change is upon us, and overlooked easily. Here at Get Smart Media we will help, you gain the freedom to watch all your favorite shows and movies and be with you every step of the way to help and provide support. Service is our number one

All your media on one simple platform

How much do you spend on cable for programming you never have time to watch?

  Be realistic. Cable is convenient but expensive. Your programming should be instant, fun, easy to use, and relaxing. However,most of the time, when it comes to watching your favorite shows there is uncertainty - is your program on, followed by confusion and then regret. In the end, this leaves most with a feeling of discomfort at ever having signed that contract. You can leave you current provider, it does not have to be so scary. In fact, planning and gaining the freedom to watch all your favorite programs can be just as simple as planning for that exciting vacation that has you up at night in anticipation for it. With Get Smart Media, we will keep you, your family and your friends entertained for many upcoming years.

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Matricom Warranty!

You can change your firmware.
You can “brick” your device and you are still covered under warranty.

If you break your device by installing a custom firmware or by trying something out of the ordinary, this is all covered.
We will always repair or replace your device if you brick it within the first year.

Router placement is key

First and foremost, don't settle prematurely on a location for the wireless access point or router. Experiment; try placing the device in several different promising locations. While trial-and-error may not be the most scientific way to find a good spot for your equipment, it is often the only practical way to assure the best possible Wi-Fi performance.

 Buyer Beware of counterfeit products

If you do not purchase an AUTHENTIC G-Box Midnight you will not be covered by the Matricom unconditional warranty.